All Of Nothing
Really? Huh. Well, I've got this whole thing running in my head now... searching for backstory, making connections... it's all fascinating, and you mods&muns are fantastic! :D *Optional!Hugs*

Thanks! It’s a lot of collaborative work, but it’s worth the effort when everyone gets into things. I’m glad you’re enjoying it!

Ah. Thank you! ^^ Now, if real life had cooperated more, I wonder what the metaplot would have become...? *Optional!Hugs*

To be honest, the metaplot is just as inconsistent as Nautilus itself. Which is sort of fitting considering that the whole thing is about Change.

WAKE-RELATED QUESTION: Who the [italics needed]hell[end needed italics] is Endos? *Has been lurking through the backlogs like a pro. This is currently the most burning question. >.>* *Optional!Hugs* Hope you're doing well!

*hug* Thanks for checking in! I’m good, I just want summer to go away.

As for your Wake question: a long time ago, Endos was suppose to be part of the game’s metaplot. He was the one that sort of spurs the return of the Dark Aeon arc by giving Pyramid Head and Xemnas some prompting and some leftover Deva juice Isis shards/liquid thing whatever it was. Unfortunately, the storyline in the game changed (again) after the Dark Aeon plot was dragged out accidentally for months, so he disappeared shortly after that appearance.

Character clothing and tattoo reference for Os’kari. I may have gone overboard with the tattoos.

I’m still alive! It just got hot again and my motivation for most things has gone down so much.












Dance Water Dance
Get on the Hydra’s back
Roxas, that’s…

My name is of no importance.

What about you? Do you remember your true name?

Hallo. :V I have found you, and your art. Both are wonderful. Hope you're doing well! *Optional!Hugs - if you like those, I mean*

Ahh! Hallo! Thank you, I’m glad you like it. It’s not every day I get a column of like notifications, ahah. XD And hugs are fine! I’ll be on and off with those, but they are fine!


i didn’t realize gofundme could be used for personal things and not just kickstarter-esque things. i’m smart. /)_(\ anything helps!

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Any OC #6


Since I’ve been on a Star Wars kick forever a couple of weeks, I decided to try drawing that Mirialan guy (Os’kari) I’m currently playing. I cheated a little with the tattoos by changing the layer settings. Lighting looks terrible in this palette, but I tried.

This one wouldn’t let me answer the original ask, so I put it all as a photoset. I used palette 3 again and mixed it up with palette 1. Some experimentation with both, palette 3 was not really planned but palette 1 was sort of kind of, etc. blah blah blah yakkity-smackity.

I also cheated and used Sith!Xemnas for one of these because drawing the coat over and over gets a bit tedious. Hope you like!


I feel like so many people I know are having a really rough time this week. So, I made a friendly shark.
Please take care and feel well! 


I feel like so many people I know are having a really rough time this week. So, I made a friendly shark.

Please take care and feel well! 

*insert Old West themes here*

Xemnas, 12


This started to look like pop art for a moment.

Why yes, I’ve been watching some recent animes

…The things they do at my alma mater. I wasn’t even aware this was a tradition. SHOWS HOW MUCH I STAYED OUTSIDE DURING LUNCH.